Secure, Microsoft-accredited data collaboration that allows sports properties and their partners to make smarter sponsorship decisions based on previously inaccessible audience insights.

datapowa VENN evolves the sports sponsorship lifecycle by enabling partners to match their audience datasets, identify the overlap between them, and understand customer acquisition before signing deals and after activation. Underpinned by our parent company IXUP‘s 100% secure technology, it’s a revolutionary way for organizations to maximize their first-party data and get more from sponsorship.


your strategy

Changing privacy laws, the depreciation of third-party data, and continued shifts in the digital media landscape mean organizations must prioritize their owned assets to more effectively connect with their audience.

VENN puts control back in your hands by giving you the ability to glean more strategic intelligence from first-party data, create granular segments based on that intel, and deliver highly targeted campaigns that are more likely to convert.

Gain better

business insight

VENN shapes better decision-making across the sponsorship lifecycle by making pre-deal due diligence and post-activation measurement easier.

Organizations can collaborate on audience datasets before signing deals, identify realistic KPIs based on that insight, and measure against them at a granular level once campaigns are complete.

Easily create

precision campaigns

VENN outputs previously inaccessible audience insights in clear, easy-to-understand ways that can be quickly actioned

Share intelligence with stakeholders internally and externally, build granular audience segments, and create highly personalized campaigns that are more likely to convert.


data security

VENN is secured by our parent company IXUP’s world-class privacy and encryption technology, meaning there’s no risk of data breaches or the reputational and financial damage they cause.

IXUP is an approved Microsoft Technology Partner, as well as ISO/IEC 27001 and AICPA SOC certified. Its platform is trusted by the Australian government to deliver its gambling self-exclusion register, BetStop.

Trusted by leading organisations

around the world

With decades of combined experience, our teams work across key sports territories around the world. Bringing local knowledge together with global insight, they’re trusted by elite organizations to deliver the strategic insight needed to maximize sponsorships.

A clear methodology

Getting started with datapowa VENN couldn’t be simpler. Across four steps, you can securely collaborate on data and get the insight you need to create and measure high-impact customer acquisition campaigns. 

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