Where has MLB’s new virtual replacement advertising technology been used?

Virtual replacement advertising has been used in sport for a number of years, but it’s become much more prevalent and powerful in recent months.

The NHL implemented Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards (DEDs) during the 22/23 season, with the tech delivering significant benefits for the league, rightsowners and brands, and during May and June MLB has been doing the same.

The technology allows in-venue signage to be replaced by virtual ads for broadcast, so a fan watching in a ball park sees Brand A, while someone watching from home sees Brand B.

It’s clean, simple and effective, giving brands the ability to dynamically target audiences in different locations and the league and rightsowners to generate more revenue from their assets. You can see examples of its usage in our previous post.

We’re tracking where the technology is used so we can continue to report on its implementation, efficacy and future potential. Scroll down to see the full list or use the search function to look for a specific team, broadcaster or advertiser.