Valuation and Optimisation

Understand the true impact of your sponsorship assets and take immediate action to maximise performance with equivalent media value analysis delivered within days of a live match or event.

POWA tracker eliminates guesswork by assigning a monetary value to your sponsorship assets. With POWA tracker, you get clear, objective figures that help you optimise strategies, improve existing partnerships and identify new packages.

Cover all angles

Get a 360° view of sponsorship impact with our proprietary technology. Tracking assets in-venue, across owned and earned social media and on live broadcasts and highlights packages, POWA tracker uses a range of key metrics to assign a comprehensive media value you can trust.

Easily assess information

Analyse your data with ease thanks to our intuitive dashboard. View information by sponsored team, sport, channel, geography or asset, identify moments of high visibility with minute-by-minute animated visualisations, and download the data for use in reports.

Maximise performance quickly

Take immediate action with reports delivered within days of a match or event. Analyse performance, optimise strategies and make adjustments in time for the next fixture so you can always be sure you’re getting maximum return.


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