Monitor, Analyse and Optimise

Access market context and compare the digital performance of thousands of leading sporting franchises, organisations and tournaments from across the globe with our easy-to-use, real-time analytics dashboard.

POWA index measures traditional media, social and digital platforms, and fan interactions to provide instant insight into the digital sporting scene. With POWA index, you can understand your landscape in more detail, optimise your strategies based on real data, not guesswork, and build better, more profitable partnerships.

A Unique View

Get context and comparison unavailable elsewhere with our exclusive proprietary algorithm. Taking signals from a vast range of digital and broadcast sources, it stacks properties up against one another in a simple league table view.

Smart Segmentation

Slice and dice the data in a way that suits you. Gauge the strength and ranking of properties globally, across all sports, within a sport, within a country and within a league, and monitor progress against set goals within each media platform and against competitors.

Total Coverage

Get a 360° view of digital performance. Analyse social platforms by engagement, followers and reach; Search visibility by keywords, rankings and Paid Search; and official websites by traffic, demographics and sources.


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