Maximize existing sponsorship deals and unlock previously untapped opportunities with pioneering measurement, valuation, and first-party data analysis solutions.

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Data is at the heart of all great sport sponsorships, but data alone isn’t enough. Only the right data, used in the right way, can enable sports properties and brands to create the next-level partnerships they need to grow.

Our mission is simple. In an increasingly challenging landscape, we’re here to make sense of your data, maximise your opportunities, and deliver actionable insights that will shape your strategy.

Our products

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Realize the true value of your sponsorship assets with fast equivalent media value analysis that allows you to take action during the season, not at the end of it when it might be too late.

  • Track assets on social media, via streaming, through broadcast and in-venue
  • Eliminate guesswork with credible figures based on transparent methodologies
  • Save time with easy-to-understand visualizations and reports

Measure customer acquisition more accurately and build highly targeted customer segments with our 100% secure data collaboration platform.

  • Bring together audience data from multiple platforms or touchpoints
  • Gain better business insight that makes pre-deal due diligence and post-activation measurement easier.
  • Solve privacy and compliance challenges, put first-party data at the heart of your planning, and future-proof your strategy.
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Valuation and whitespace analysis

Maximize sports sponsorship deals and identify previously unmonetized opportunities with asset valuation reports that cut through the noise and deliver clear, actionable learnings.

  • Create new revenue streams and identify fresh ways to grow existing assets with whitespace analysis.
  • Get more from in-venue and on-uniform assets, as well as stadium naming rights, with our meticulous methodology.
  • Understand a property or brand’s performance across digital channels with data reporting shaped around your needs.


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