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Our specialist data and analytics technologies help rights owners, brands, and agencies maximise their sponsorship offerings.

Data Sourcing

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Understand the visibility of your sponsorship assets across broadcast and social media.

  • Make the right decisions by basing them on accurate data.
  • Benefit from transparent methodologies that delivers trusted information.
  • Save time with easy-to-understand visualisations and simple reporting.

Naming Rights Analysis

Maximise the deals that give brands pride of place at your home venue.

  • Identify fair valuations based on reliable data and transparent methodologies.
  • Cut through the noise with clear reporting that makes complex calculations simple.
  • Benchmark against competitors in your sport, in your league and beyond.
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Uniform and In-Venue Analysis

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Get more from the assets that fans spend the most time watching: those in your venue and on your athletes’ uniforms.

  • Track assets across broadcast and social media.
  • Understand the visibility, clarity, and quality of your assets
  • Contextualise performance over time and against key competitors

Whitespace Analysis

Create new revenue streams and identify ways to grow existing assets in your venue or on your players’ uniforms.

  • Pinpoint areas rich in monetisation potential that are currently being overlooked.
  • Get a clear understanding of their visibility across broadcast and social media.
  • Inform new sponsorship deals with accurate appraisals of their value.
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