Make every fan count

Measure the impact of sponsorship deals on customer growth and understand the relevance of partners’ databases by bringing together datasets from multiple sources in our next-generation encrypted platform.

Enrich your data

FanPOWA merges your data, your partners’ data and first party data into a single, homomorphic encrypted platform. With FanPOWA you can securely map your database to partners’ CRMs and identify similarities, measure fan interaction and gain greater clarity on how sponsorship deals drive mutual growth.

Know your audience

Make smarter marketing decisions based on clear, actionable insights. Use the FanPOWA dashboard to understand your audience’s tastes and preferences, and engage with them in more meaningful ways.

Build perfect partnerships

Take the guesswork out of sponsorship and strike informed deals. Evaluate the relevance of partner databases, identify areas for growth and get a true appreciation of the value your deals can deliver.

Securely share and collaborate

Be assured of total security with state-of-the-art homomorphic encryption. Trusted by governments and financial institutions around the world, it allows all parties to retain complete control over their data as they collaborate.


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