Discover how virtual replacement signage is driving stronger sponsorship returns in sport

Perimeter advertising boards are one of the mainstays of sports sponsorship, but a major shift is on the way thanks to virtual replacement signage such as Digitially Enhanced Dasherboards (DEDs).

DEDs allow physical, in-venue signage to be replaced with virtual creative during broadcast, so those watching at home see different ads to fans in the stadium.

They made their debut in the 22/23 NHL season and are already delivering positive results for the league, teams, and brands.

With MLB testing out similar signage, the technology is here to stay, so we’ve dug deep into the world of virtual signage and created a free downloadable report that reveals:

  • Why virtual replacement signage has been introduced and the benefits it delivers;
  • Its efficacy and potential use across other sports around the world;
  • Original data highlighting the visibility and clarity of DEDs during broadcast.

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