Measure acquisition, not just awareness

Request a demo to discover how our pioneering sponsorship analytics solutions can help you measure the impact of partnerships through the funnel, from awareness to acquisition.

How we help

datapowa’s mission is to change the sponsorship analytics market by making measurement smarter and clearer, so rights holders, brands, broadcasters and other key stakeholders can build better partnerships.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Get maximum value out of commercial agreements with comprehensive sponsorship analytics covering traditional broadcast, social media and streaming.

Make faster, smarter decisions

Understand asset performance quickly and reactively optimise strategy with easy-to-understand reports delivered within days of a fixture or event.

Measure customer acquisition

Go beyond top-of-the-funnel metrics and identify the number of customers sponsorship activation has earned with secure first-party data collaboration.

Increase fan engagement

Segment your audience based on acquisition insight and target them with more pesonalised messaging to generate higher levels of fan engagement

Track lifetime value

Use acquisition insights to monitor customer lifetime value and understand the ongoing revenue generated by sponsorship activation.

Our products

Secure first-party data collaboration that allows sports properties, brands, broadcasters and other stakeholders to access previously inaccessible granular audience insights.

Rapid sponsorship valuation and whitespace analysis that helps sports properties and brands quickly review performance, optimise their strategy and maximise returns.