Just a few more days in the office before we can all gorge on food and drink and start thinking about new years’ resolutions! However we’re still ‘in the zone’ at DataPOWA and we’ve scoured the digital media to help you help yourself, you can even use a bit of this information to impress your colleagues at the office party.


Apple Music was launched only seventeen months ago, and they have just passed the figure of 20 million paying subscribers. They are closing in on Spotify who have 40m playing subscribers, however they have taken a lot longer to achieve that figure, and took a lot longer to get to 20m paying customers.

MusicBusinessWorldwide have got some excellent data in this article and it’s fair to say ‘streaming’ is the now definitely the new downloading, and the next generation of kids will be saying, “You DOWNLOADED songs?!”. One thing’s for sure, Rod Stewart is over-indexing in streaming in my house.

To read the full article, visit the MusicBusinessWorldwide link

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A few years ago on a trip to a digital conference in New York I saw a Keynote presentation by Avinash Kaushik, and I’ve been following his career and proclamations ever since. Avinash got ‘big data’ before most people and he’s bang on the money with his latest article.

He’s offering brands advice on how to create a high impact data-influenced organisation and how to navigate the world of software and analytics as efficiently as possible.

Avinash summarises that there are five elements that are crucial to success:

  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. Digital Marketing & Measurement Model
  3. Macro & Micro Outcomes Content/Strategy
  4. Analytics Resources Focus: 15 | 35 | 50
  5. Optimal Analytics Team Org Structure

If you are going to read anything for your 2017 planning – read this.

To read the full article, visit Avinash’s Occam’s Razor website

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The ever-excellent Guardian are leading the way again in the print sector by creating a native advertising platform that will enable brands to create their own content rather than use journalists to give their version.

The content can come in any forms, but it will prove to be a great way for brands to utilise video and editorial content to produce the kind of story-telling the Guardian is famous for.

Renault were the brand to launch the platform with a Central St Martin’s collaboration for their electric car Zoe. And it’s working as I’m writing this, linking to it, and you’ll click through, won’t you?

Visit The Renault Site on The Guardian here

Read the original article on The Drum

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Hats off to Swedish creative agency Åkestam Holst who have given IKEA the gift of the best online campaign of the year.

The new website ikearetailtherapy.com lists typical IKEA products but with a very cool twist, the products are named after popular Google searches related to relationship dilemmas. Go on and check out some of the product names, as millions will no doubt do, and the bonus of this campaign is that IKEA will actually start ranking for these terms in Google.

Check out the website here: ikearetailtherapy.com

Read the original article on Creative Review

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