So, Christmas mania is now officially in full-swing and even though I’m recovering from a very entertaining Digital Podge (thanks Phil Jones and Co.) I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to bring you some of the most interesting updates in the world of digital and data.



Amazon continue to lead innovation in online retail by moving into the physical retail space in the USA. Details have been released on Just Walk Out(which sounds like an invitation to shoplifters of the world to unite and take over) however it’s a retail experience based on the same technology they are using in their self-driving cars.

The user will need to use an app to choose products and the system will tether to detect movement of items from shelf to shopping trolley and will link with Amazon accounts to fulfil the order.

The first shop will open in Seattle in 2017, and though Amazon has already got some bookshops in the US, but the likes of Walmart and Tesco must be feeling a little uneasy with this latest development.

When The Ginger Pig starts getting involved, then I’ll get really interested.

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Not to be outdone by Amazon, Google have their own spin on innovation this week courtesy of the robotics lab, Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics earned their notoriety thanks to the videos of their robots (very viral), and the timing of this announcement is interesting as there are rumours Google is looking for a sale of the lab.

Marc Raibert, CEO demoed the robot dog and UK Business-insider have got an interesting piece on it complete with videos.

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I’ve always loved a bit of the old geology, and this article in the always excellent Creative Review shows how digital can help educate and even enhance the wonders of our world. The Centre International de l’Art Pariétal de Montignac-Lascaux opens in France on December 15.

The museum uses the very latest techniques in augmented reality along with actual replicas of the Paleolithic animal paintings contained within the Lascaux system of caves near Montignac in south-west France.

The paintings in the ‘bull room’ cave were discovered over 80 years ago by a teenage boy chasing his dog and this new permanent exhibition will rightly bring the paintings to the attention of the masses, without the fear of damaging the real thing.

Check out their website on:

To read the full article, visit the link

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The Drum bring news that India & China will drive the growth in digital advertising spend in 2017. This is good news for those with a global reach, but worrying for the markets in the West which are going to show modest levels of growth. Though USA and China will account for half of all net growth in ad spend in 2017 when (global ad budgets will increase to $547bn), India is by far the fastest growing market. There’s some very interesting data in the article for Group M, well worth a read.

To read the full article, visit the link

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