2017 has all been about the planning here at DataPOWA HQ. In early 2018 we’re announcing a significant launch, and we’re expecting to be a bit busy, you’ll have to ‘wait and see’ but we promise it will be worth it.  Here’s our last 2017 guide to the most important happenings in the world of sport sponsorship, digital and data.



Robert Overweg is an artist, lecturer and creative director at Triple, a tech company.  His article in The Next Web is fitting for the last Briefing of 2017.

Something is happening in the sports industry. Live viewership has been drastically declining, it runs off a distribution model that’s firmly stuck in the past and the dominant companies are slow to implement technological innovation. It took years for FIFA to finally use goal-line technology during matches, and the NFL still doesn’t allow teams to post replay content on social media. Unsurprisingly, a 2017 report by PWC says the sports industry ripe for disruption — but what could take its place?

Even if you’re not into gaming, it’s hard to deny the popularity of esports. Viewership is increasing year over year, there’s constant experimentation with new revenue models and it’s redefining the way we engage with online content. It’s a fresh, digitally native take on watching competitive sports, and it’s here to stay.

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Each year FourFourTwo create a contentious list of the top 100 footballers in the world. Trying to guess the top ten It’s a good Christmas Day game (in our house), however separating the top two from each other is as difficult as usual, and I’m not sure they made the right call. See for yourself.

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Like all relationships, the bond between sporting organisations and their fans is complex. While “the fans” are often referred to as a singular body, teams are fully aware that fans are different and therefore cannot be catered to in a one-size-fits-all strategy. Teams are constantly looking at ways to engage different fan groups, from the loyal to the casual, to ensure all interests and fan preferences are met.

However, before being able to do so, teams must learn about their fans, to identify these fan groups and determine their interests, tendencies and preferences. Find out how Derbyshire’s approach to data resulted in an award-winning marketing campaign.

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In early December, English soccer’s Premier League launched its new invitations to tender (ITT) for its next cycle of UK audio-visual rights, which will run from 2019 to 2022. At the forefront of the multi-billion pound battle to come will be the two incumbent live broadcasters: British pay-TV giants Sky Sports and BT Sport.

However, less than a week after world’s richest league launched its new sales process, the two rivals’ main platforms announced a surprise content collaboration which will improve the subscription packages that both organisations can offer.

Andy Haworth, managing director of content and strategy at BT, tells SportsPro about how the major content sharing agreement arose and what it means for BT TV.

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