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DataPOWA is a UK-headquartered, wholly-owned business within the IXUP Group (ASX: IXU). We offer specialist data and analytics technologies to the global sports market, helping rights owners, brands, and agencies understand the true value of sponsorship assets and maximise the ROI they generate from partnerships.

DataPOWA Australia

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DataPOWA is passionate about to bringing its solutions to the sports sector in Australia, where our parent company is based. We have dedicated resources in the country and are looking forward to helping rights owners and brands benefit from our market-leading technologies, develop innovative sponsorship opportunities, and grow fanbases, both at home and abroad.


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IXUP Limited (ASX:IXU) (pronounced ‘eyes up’) is a pioneering technology company that has developed world-class software facilitating the secure sharing and analysis of sensitive information. The company’s Secure Data Engine helps organisations maximise information assets that previously couldn’t be shared or commercialised due to privacy and compliance considerations.

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