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With the world’s most popular sporting tournament taking place next summer, Facebook and Instagram are leveraging their massive popularity among football fans to provide marketers and advertisers with opportunities to score. In June 2018, the most famous sporting tournament on the planet, the FIFA World Cup, will kick-off for the twenty-first time, with Russia as host. While 32 teams battle it out on the pitch, millions of football fans around the world will share their love for the game on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has more than 400m football fans as users, while Instagram, which joined the Facebook family in 2012, offers more than 140m. Football, in fact, is by far the most popular sport on both platforms, with three times more followers than the next most popular sport, basketball.

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McKinsey Insight’s Dan Singer says that millennials enjoy sports just as much as members of other generations. It’s the way they consume sports that matters. Many sports executives fear that the root cause of declining ratings and aging audiences is the disengagement of millennials from live sports. TV trends—including declining ratings, cord shaving, and cord cutting—present a long-term challenge for traditional sports. But the belief that millennials are to blame is misplaced.

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The city of Los Angeles has more than a decade to plan for the 2028 Summer Olympics. That means upgrades to sports venues, transportation and security. The thing is, no one can predict exactly what technology will look like that far into the future. For a little perspective, the iPhone came out just 10 years ago. And back then, we didn’t have Google Chrome, Uber or the 4G network.

So what might the Olympics of 2028 look like? Marketplace’s Adriene Hill discussed the possibilities with Sarah Kunst, founder and CEO of the sport media company Proday.

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Spanish soccer giants Barcelona and reigning National Basketball Association (NBA) champions the Golden State Warriors have plenty in common.

Both are global juggernauts with a rich history of winning, while in Lionel Messi and Steph Curry, they boast two of the most recognisable athletes in the world of sport. Even more pertinently from a sponsor’s perspective, is that their fanbases transcend borders and provide an unprecedented platform for brands to engage with new markets.

Just ask Rakuten. The Tokyo-based ecommerce firm was relatively unknown outside of its native Japan until this year, when its partnerships with Barcelona and the Warriors announced the company to the world in a way that only sports sponsorship can.

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