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Darren Heitner, a USA based Forbes contributor, covers the intersection of sports and money, states the video gaming industry is currently undergoing some major developments as big players are posting massive growth, partly driven by the recent and upcoming releases of AAA game franchises.

This fusion of traditional sports and esports creates huge potential to usher in a new level of events, sponsorship, merchandise sales and betting into video games. What makes all of this even more exciting is the introduction of blockchain into gaming. The technology that drives cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is now finding applications in the esports ecosystem.

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The Guardian’s Peter Preston states, while austerity is still affecting most areas of British life, there’s no restraint in the sums being bandied about for both sports rights and online content for streaming. There’s no squeeze being felt in at least two succulent media areas, Brexit or no Brexit. Indeed, the cash registers are beating out a euphoric tune.

There’s TV and the Premier League, just coming up for its next three-year rights renewal. Only seven years ago, the going rate for the whole shooting match was £594m. Today – fuelled by the 2013 entry of BT into a suddenly competitive market – it’s £1,712m, and expected to go up by at least 40% in the next bidding round.

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A study by Channel 4 has found that 89% of consumers saw brands that sponsor TV as more trustworthy than other forms of advertising.

Plugged by Channel 4 as “the most comprehensive study into the effectiveness of TV sponsorship ever conducted”, the research by Consumer Insight aggregated 107 Channel 4 sponsorship studies. This included 257 waves of research that involved speaking to over 80,000 viewers over the past five years. This analysis was combined with research by Differentology.

The study also found that brand sponsorship appeals to young audiences and, for 79% of the UK audience, it is an accepted part of a TV experience.

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Cristiano Ronaldo leads Forbes’ Rich List of sportsmen – but there’s only one Englishman in the Top 20. Lewis Hamilton, Gareth Bale, Rory McIlroy and Conor McGregor all feature from the world of sport in the elite list of the highest-paid European celebrities.

The Real Madrid star striker earned £70m in the last year – making him the highest-paid European sports personality. The former Manchester United footballer missed out on the number one in the world of celebrity by just £1m, being beaten into second place by Harry Potter author JK Rowling in the top spot.

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