The DataPOWA team aren’t planning on buying out our own contracts anytime soon, even if it did secure us a lucrative move to PSG! So, here’s our regular guide to the most important happenings in the world of sport sponsorship and marketing, digital and of course, data.



Hot on the heels of the news that Sky had lost the rights to golf’s US PGA Championship, comes another crushing blow for the brave new world of Sky Sports.

Amazon Prime TV/Video is the new home for all top-flight men’s tennis except the four grand slam tournaments – including the end of year ATP World Tour finals.

Sky’s five-year deal ends in 2018, are thought to have bid a lower amount than they currently pay, for the new deal (it’s circa £8m a year for its current deal), however Amazon have come in with £10m per season and caused even more head scratching for the Murdochs.

I’ve always said the new mega deals in sport will be related to streaming rights, and Sky are in for more reality checks very soon.

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The leading UK eSports organisation, Gfinity, have had a very busy, productive and ultimately amazing week! Three huge announcements are ensuring they are turning heads in the business of sport, and Neville Upton and the team there are building an operation to rival any in the eSports world. The Gfinity Elite Series is now broadcast in seven territories via Eleven Sports, and in the UK via BBC3 and now BT Sport. If you haven’t done so already, try and check out the action this weekend on or one of the channels below.

BT Sport cements eSports TV broadcast commitment with Gfinity Elite Series deal

Live esports is coming to BBC Three

CEVO Announces Partnership with Gfinity

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STATS is the world’s leading sports data and technology company, and this is a very interesting and insightful article about data in football and its importance – and you’re going to learn a new term ‘Expected goals’ (xG).

What are “expected goals” you say? To work out a team’s “expected goals” (xG) for a match, every shot must be analysed and given an “Expected goal value” (EGV). EGV is the probability that any given shot will end up as a goal.

Still following? Good, now read on.

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Digiday’s Seb Joseph summarises the current situation for football clubs and what everyone assumed would be the lucrative Facebook Live streaming channel.

The world’s biggest football clubs are looking outside Facebook to host their live streams after the social network stopped paying them to produce live videos earlier this year.

Many teams previously on Facebook’s books, such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United, are pondering greater investments on YouTube, Instagram and even in-house channels. Teams’ contracts with Facebook varied in length from between a month to a year, but none were renewed by the social network, according to multiple sources.

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