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Mary Meeker is an American VC (former Wall Street securities analyst), each year since 1995 she has put together a fascinating and influential presentation on the state of the internet. In 2014, she was listed as the 77th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

While last year focused on messaging apps and transportation, this year’s Internet Trends report focuses on things like interactive games, China’s golden age of entertainment, and the digital disruption of the media business.

UK Business Insider has got the full presentation on this page, and it’s well worth spending 15 minutes of your valuable time browsing it.

To read the full article, visit the UK BusinessInsider’s link

For a highlight’s deck, have a look at Tech Crunch’s page

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My old mucker Des Kelly will have to get to grips with emojis & filters in time for Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff. Snapchat has forged its first partnership with a European broadcaster around football, pairing with BT Sport to co-create exclusive content during the Champions League final.

The coverage – which will appear in BT’s ‘Our Stories’ section on the social platform – will comprise on-pitch and behind-the-scenes clips from the final this weekend (3 June) when Real Madrid will defend their title against Series A champions Juventus. To allow Snapchatters to experience the match from different perspectives, footage snapped by fans and teams, as well as players taking part in the fixture will also feature heavily.

To read the full article, visit The Drum link

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The New York Times report on a remarkable discovery. A team of European & American scientists have identified 52 genes linked to intelligence in nearly 80,000 people. These genes do not determine intelligence, however. Their combined influence is minuscule, the researchers said, suggesting that thousands more are likely to be involved and still await discovery. Just as important, intelligence is profoundly shaped by the environment.

Still, the findings could make it possible to begin new experiments into the biological basis of reasoning and problem-solving, experts said. They could even help researchers determine which interventions would be most effective for children struggling to learn.

To read the full article, visit The New York Times link

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The excellent CIO Dive (their mission is to provide busy professionals like you with a bird’s-eye-view of the Information Technology industry in 60 seconds) carry an article on how sports teams are leading the way when it comes to using Big Data to improve their game. They pose the question, what lessons can businesses learn from sports success.

During the 2015-16 English Premier League season, Leicester City surprised many by capturing the title, we all know what happened next. Leicester worked with STATS, a sports data company, and employed machine learning tools so the management team were able to gain more insight into the team’s performance.

To read the full article, visit the CIO Dive link

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