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My University, The University of Manchester can claim many a first in the fields of science and technology, Rutherford began his work on splitting the atom, the world’s first stored-program computer, nicknamed ‘The Baby’ came into being there, it was the birthplace of Chemical Engineering, and the world’s first steerable radio telescope at Jodrell Bank was built at the University by Bernard Lovell. But the Science Department could have made the most significant discovery ever, the graphene-based sieve. More than a billion people could get clean drinking water by using new sieve that filters salt out of water, basically turning seawater into drinkable water.

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a two-dimensional, atomic-scale, hexagonal lattice in which one atom forms each vertex, and the team behind its discovery at the University of Manchester, have now managed to precisely control the sizes of pores in a graphene oxide sieve. Truly remarkable stuff. The announcement was made in the journal Nature Nanotechnology on Monday.

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‘Short form football’ has been attempted many times in the UK in the last fifty years, but none of the efforts has ever captured the public imagination in the way that futsal or beach soccer has done elsewhere.

Star Sixes is a new four-day, 12-team tournament that has been conceived as a football version of the ATP Tour Finals tennis and NBA basketball shows at the same venue, which present top-class sport with showbiz glitz very much front and centre.

Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand, Roberto Carlos, Michael Ballack and Robert Pires will star in the inaugural event in July, and the organisers are hoping that they are still recent enough superstars to be able to keep the punters happy with their skill level rather than seeing them huffing and puffing around the pitch.

Star Sixes is a new world six-a-side tournament for former internationals at The O2, London, July 13-16. Tickets, starting at £30 adults and £10 under-16s, on sale at:

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‘Think with Google’ are knocking it out of the park recently with their fully accessible ‘white-paper’ reports. The latest focusses on 13-to 17-year-olds, sometimes refers to as Centennials, and sometime as Generation Z.

Google have again partnered with Ipsos to understand more about this generation’s behaviours, tastes, and consumer trends. Gen Z are the first true smartphone natives and there’s some pretty interesting reading for all marketeers.

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In Your Creative Element, is a new book about creativity in business, by creativity expert at Now Go Create, Claire Bridges. Creative Review have carried three extracts of the book which are all very informative:

Number 1: Tackling the daunting prospect of a blank page

Claire Bridges gives her advice for tackling the daunting prospect of a blank page. She advises how to identify the problem at hand and suggests tools that can be applied to a diverse range of problems – from ‘I need an idea right now’ to more complex challenges

Number 2: Ideas and how to find them – two tools you can use

Claire Bridges gives her advice for how to generate ideas when you’re stuck or feeling uninspired and proposes two idea finding tools to help crack that brief

Number 3: Ideas and how to kill them – tools to help evaluate creative ideas

Claire Bridges shares her advice for how to balance your head and your heart when evaluating your own, or someone else’s creative ideas and when to convene a Murder Board…

Ideas and Where to Find Them – Sign up to Creative Review webinar on April 13

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