I’m with the MadMen (and women) in New York City however I’ve taken time out of my busy ‘Leaders’ schedule to bring you some of the most interesting updates in the world of digital and data.


How are you feeling today? I don’t want to spoil your day, however Think With Google have just released their research into the new generation of parents, the Millennials. last time I looked Millennials were watching MTV. HASHTAG LOL. Surprisingly, a 40 year old could be classed as a Millennial, and therefore, they are likely to have had kids.

As always TWG is bang on the money, and this new generation of parents will be the first who look to social media for guidance and advice, over grandparents or their siblings or close friends. They have conducted research with Flamingo and Ipsos Connect to understand what makes millennial parents tick.

To read the full article, visit the Think With Google link

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The Drum have a regular column ‘Tricks of the marketing Trade’, inviting The Drum Network’s members to demystify the marketing trade and offer expert insight and opinion on what is happening in the marketing industry. This week’s columnist is Ross Sheil, the general manager, commercial at ReFuel4 EMEA.

Ross tells us how the art of storytelling has been around since the dawn of human history and has survived each wave of technological evolution experienced since. New technologies don’t tend to replace an art form but rather the augment it to empower creative people and artists to innovate and explore. In the creative advertising world, we are at a point where user data, AI, automation and creative talent are converging to build a perfect storm of new storytelling for marketers where human talent is as crucial as ever before.

To read the full article, visit the The Drum link

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In a week where Google thought they were having it rough, the TV advertising industry would be dismayed to learn that one of the sportswear apparel giants has made the decision to turn its back on TV advertising.

UKBusinessInsider.com has an article complete with data backing up Adidas chief executive Kasper Rorsted and his strategy to boost its ecommerce revenues from €1 billion in 2016 to €4 billion by 2020 — and Adidas wants to use digital channels to get there. He told CNBC: “It’s clear that the younger consumer engages with us predominantly over the mobile device. Digital engagement is key for us — you don’t see any TV advertising any more.”

To read the full article, visit the UKBusinessInsider.com link

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CNBC report on a Kantar Millward Brown survey on the most valuable brands in China, and Tencent becoming the first Chinese brand to top the $100 billion mark. Tencent own WeChat (China’s What’s App) has gained $24 billion in value, or 29 percent, in 2016. E-commerce giant Alibaba is next on the list and Baidu (Search Engine) sneaks in to the top five.

BrandZ’s 10 most valuable Chinese brands 2017

  1. Tencent – $106.2 billion – up 29 percent
  2. Alibaba – $58 billion – up 22 percent
  3. China Mobile – $57.9 billion – up 1 percent
  4. ICBC – $31.5 billion – down 8 percent
  5. Baidu – $23.9 billion – down 11 percent

To read the full article, visit the CNBC link

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