Another busy week in the world of digital & data, you’re probably thinking ‘how does he keep on top of the news’, it’s pretty simple really, a morning swim, a light lunch with a glass of red, and algorithmic process strategies across the digital media landscape. Well, you did ask.



One essential regular read of mine is, as it offers valuable insight into all things DataPOWA considers important in our industry. Now, Blockchain is a term you’ve probably come across recently, if you are not already aware, as it’s a way to keep digital data stored correctly, meaning it’s safe, secure and accessible to those who have permission to use it, and doesn’t need to be stored centrally. It’s been adopted by big banks and other financial bodies in the last couple of years, and its best visualised currently by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

This article explains how the Ethereum blockchain will become the standard, and how the people behind it are going to go about it.

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Our very good friends at BT Sport have announced they have retained the rights, and will still be the exclusive UK home, to all the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League football, up until the end of the 2020/21 season. It’s another impressive coup, and they are bringing into play more social media elements to their current offer. They are bringing together exclusivity across all live games, match highlights and in-match clips of both competitions on social. This will mean the millennials and centennials (15-20’s if you are wondering) are going to have more access to the competitions, which is exactly what UEFA want and BT can deliver.

Interestingly, from the 2018/19 season there will be double headers across both tournaments with games kicking off a 6pm and 8pm during the group stages.

If you’re not yet a subscriber BT Sport can get you set up in just 15 minutes right here.
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YouTube are stepping into the subscription TV market in the USA, and there’s lots of noise around what this is going to mean to the subscription TV marketplace and the streaming services, but here’s an article on EWeek which offers a nice simple summary of the new TV landscape (in the US anyway), but its sure to be heading over the Atlantic sometime soon.

In simple terms, it’s a subscription service with an immediate cancelation policy which costs $35 per month to access more than 40 popular channels on smartphones, computers and TV.

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Sir Martin Sorrell has stated the biggest threat to the digital advertising sector, and to the current duopoly in terms of revenue share, Facebook & Google, is somewhat surprisingly, Amazon.

As budget is moved more easily and effectively from TV to digital, it was assumed the big media agencies just needed a good relationship with the duopoly, however SirMS has let the cat out of the bag, presumably to ensure WPP are first in line for discussions with the new advertising focused Amazon.

This is an interesting article and will help you understand the current state of the landscape.

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