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Facebook have made their first foray into the world of live football (they probably will call it soccer) thanks to the platform’s latest video content deal with television network Univision. Together they will broadcast a total of 47 Liga MX (top-tier Mexican Soccer league) matches via Facebook Live. Liga MX is very popular in the USA (don’t tell Drumpf), and regularly commands bigger TV audiences than the Premier League & Major League Soccer.

Facebook has already made its intentions regarding video clear, and this move will be the start of their live sport strategy which will completely disrupt sports broadcasting globally. Facebook’s head of global sports partnerships, Dan Reed said, “We think live sports games are a great fit for Facebook, so expect more of this from us. It aligns well with our mission, as sports are inherently social and…have the power to build and connect communities around the world”.

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In 2007 I had a meeting (which quickly developed into a strategic partnership) with a company called Ezmo, one of the original digital music services created at the same time as Spotify and Deezer. A Web 2.0 start up in the Digital Music space, Ezmo was one of the first to introduce music streaming, sharing and the online social music experience. Ezmo were subsequently purchased by Microsoft and some poor decisions led them to leaving the door wide open for Spotify to take centre-stage – which they did rather spectacularly.

Fast forward ten years and Spotify isn’t the only streaming platform out there. Others have joined it over the past decade, including Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, as well as high-resolution music services Tidal and Qobuz. But Spotify is seen as the leader, with more than 100 million users, 40 million of them paid-up subscribers to its Premium tier.

The BBC report on the state of Spotify as it embarks on its well-publicised plan to go public, and examines the risks to their business model and roadmap – really interesting stuff.

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Mashable report on a significant player to join exclusive content network, Snapchat Discover. The Washington Post launched its first edition of Snapchat Discover Monday, bringing its political and hard news stories to the app ahead of its floatation. The Post will update their channel multiple times a day, every day, cementing itself as Snapchat’s first breaking news partner.

Interestingly, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns The Post, so this move makes more sense once you are aware of that, as he knows that’s where to win the hearts and minds of the Centennials. The edition will be live in the USA, Canada and UK. The first edition featured an explanatory story on President Donald Trump’s travel ban, an exposé on pizza rat and a Q&A with Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, among other stories.

To read the full article, visit the Mashable link
To read an article on the details of Snap’s financials visit this Recode link
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Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, United States, France and Australia, Canada, Mexico & Ireland and isn’t a totally fabricated celebration created by Hallmark, however they don’t mind it at all, and neither do Thorntons or Interflora as it happens.

The ever-reliable Marketing Week round up all the good, the bad and the #stillsingletho by the UK brands who want the association with this day. Worldpay predicts that £128m will be spent for Valentine’s Day 2017 in the UK, so it seems like a good idea.

To read about the history of Valentine’s Day – have a read of this article on the History Channel site
To read the full article, visit the Marketing Week link
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