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Bloomberg brings us news of the world’s most innovative economies with the release of the 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index. It’s no surprise that South Korea retain the top spot (no doubt helped by their urgent battery development requirements), but the interesting movement is with the Nordic countries, with Sweden taking the number two slot and Finland in the top five.

Interestingly, South Korea, Japan, Finland and other Nordic countries are the same countries with the best ranked education systems too. Coincidence? I don’t think so

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The BBC report on a recent investigation by Which? (the largest consumer body in the UK) who have found that personal and financial data of UK consumers is available for purchase and is fueling the online scammers who are conning people out of their savings. It’s a real issue which is only going to get worse. In some cases, the data was on sale for as little as 4p an item.

Check out the Which? Consumer Website
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Amazon are continuing their continuous innovation strategy by looking to lead the way in mobile commerce. Analysts Oppenheimer have released data showing their lead in mobile shopping is increasing, in fact they have tripled the number of US consumers to its mobile app over the past two years. What’s even more impressive about that increase is that their biggest competitors Walmart, eBay, and Target saw almost no growth in the same period (via their mobile apps).

The article on UKBusinessInsider states that a staggering 50% of US consumers use the Amazon mobile app, and UK retailers need to take note before Amazon completely crushes their mobile aspirations.

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The latest business sector to undergo ‘disruption by digital’ could very well be the insurance market. Direct Line was originally established in 1985 by Peter Wood and Martin Long as the insurance division of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS). It was the first telephone-only insurance company in the UK, and 30 years later it’s going to try and revolutionise the sector again with a little help from Saatchi & Saatchi. Campaign Live carry a very interesting Case Study that details how Direct Line is repositioning it as the high-performance “fixer” brand in a heavily commoditised market. It is Direct Line’s belief that, as a result of shifts in technology, the centre of gravity for insurance will transition from being a business of restitution to being a business of prevention. Drone technology is the foundation for the Fleetlights brand activation campaign.

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