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Forward is a US medical start up with ambitions to be the Apple of ‘the doctors’ in the near future. $149 per month grants you access to this innovative service which promises to ‘design your health’ with world-class doctors and new technology.

TechCrunch’s Sarah Buhr spends the day at the San Francisco medical office of Forward and is granted unique access to founder and former Googler and Wavii founder Adrian Aoun.

“Imagine a doctor’s office that looks and feels more like an Apple Store than like a doctor’s office,” Aoun said. “But go a step further and you’ve got this kind of cool thing where you’ve got the doctor’s office that kind of learns over time. You’ve got something that gets better over time as it learns more and more about you, almost like everything else we are used to, like Google and Facebook.”

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UKBusinessInsider reports on the recent report from Midia Research. Media Research is a unique research and analysis subscription service focused on the digital content economy. They report that over 100million people globally are now paying for music streaming services, a figure which has jumped by over 30% in the last year.

There’s some great data available in the article, such as Midia’s Mark Mulligan estimating that around 43million of these were subscribing to Spotify, with 20.9million signed up to Apple Music, 6.9million to Deezer, 4.5million to Napster and just 1million to TIDAL.

The figure eclipses the amount of Netflix subscribers globally (however if Netflix worked out how to stop the account sharing their figure could increase significantly).

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Local Data Company is a data creator who physically visit every town, shopping centre and retail park in the UK to deliver the most comprehensive and up-to-date insight that is used by occupiers, investors and local authorities. Their recent figures have been used by Rebecca Cafe & Pete Sherlock for some great visual insight to the future of the High Street and confirming something we’ve known for years about the British pub – only the strongest will survive. In fact, pubs are making way for coffee shops and cafes, but pubs are still the most popular leisure venue – for now…

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This article was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who’s been in the agency world as long as I have, and it’s similar to the author’s time in the sector. His blog started as a comment on all things tech in media, however the following article is about his feelings in moving from agency to sales for Spotify, and how that’s impacted his life in just two weeks.

It’s a very refreshing article to read, and helps explain the issues agencies face in digital and tech.

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